bundel Just imagination - 1993

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Victor Vogel / Just imagination Heiloo 1993 / � Victor Vogel
(pseud.) liedteksten(poëzie) / NUGI 310 / 20 ex.

Don't sell dreams

Meet you
been everywhere
where you can have a drink
but remember love
they don't sell your dreams

Overthere, everywhere
on the streets
what you have on your mind
how you move with your hair in the wind
in the light of time running out
they don't sell your dreams

Overthere, you know
go on the road
watch silent streets
in the city of shine, shine
all beauty you have inside
all you have inside....


I looked over the river
I looked over the sea
I looked with eyes shining of eternal dream

O lustrous winding road
I searched for the night
a glimpse of light in your eyes
lady, I'm your child
a silent boy with blossom in his heart

Dark is the river
we are bound to the time of life
walking in flames
just as naked children passing by....

Road of the wrong thing

You are saying those words to the people
and you said them equal
don't you know you live your life
on the road to the wrong thing now

Don't you know you live your life
on the road to evil times
don't you know you are on the way
to the life of the spiritual kind
stories will tell

Only the forest of the heart
living there
where passion meets the waterfront
passionate dancing
you have all time to go

Only in the spirits you will live and die
only in the light
only in the light that shines in your eyes

Oh, I tell you people
going the way of the wrong
you don't seek the best in youth
you let it go

I don't want to live your life
evil time, evil time, evil time
we are together in the light where passion meets desire
come to me
come to me in the light of your smile....

The priest

People are telling the story of my life
I hated the love in your eyes, in your smile
I went along to the mountain of life
My body hurts and I lost my desire

I went thru the rocks and the years
I went thru my life, thru my troubles and fears
At the end of the road I sold my pride
I looked in the sky, saw the birds of my youth

Come with me on the road, stairway to heaven
Early morning, early morning all people dreaming
In the light of your loving
Let beauty shine....

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